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BendBrightXS: Powering digital transformation with bend-insensitive fibre optic cables

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19 Jun 2020

Excellence in Optical Infrastructure is Crucial

We’re living in a time of technological transformation.As new technologies such as 5G, IoT, and ArtificialIntelligence evolve, our optical networks must  quickly adapt to meet new demands: for increased  capacity, higher density and lower latency.

Over the last 30 years, fibre optic cabling has  evolved to support our new era of hyper-connectivity,  linking continents, countries, cities, antennas and  homes. And that isn’t set to change. In 2018, more  than 550 million kilometres of fibre were installed  globally, compared with just 200 million kilometres  in 2010. This exponential market growth is  expected to continue with the invention and  adoption of new technologies, driving us into  a new era of digital demand.

Artificial intelligence is unlocking creative freedom  in our workplaces. Augmented reality is amplifying  our everyday world. Edge computing is connecting  families, businesses, and allies across the globe –  all with increasing speed. To support the evolution  of these new technologies, it’s crucial that we  increase the capacity of the optical network.     

As a result, network access layers will push fibre  deeper towards the consumer to provide power to  edge devices, while wireless and wireline networks  will converge. New cabling systems with a high  degree of fibre density will offer a faster, more  reliable, more cost-effective solution. And further  change will come from cables which can support a  complete open fibre spectrum: from 1260 nm at  the beginning of the Original O-band, up to 1625  and 1675 nm at the ends of the Long L-band and  Ultralong U-band, respectively. These cables must  be able to support data transmission and offer  monitoring capabilities.

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