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All relevant products supplied by Draka are CPR compliant:

CPR covers any cable put on the market for incorporation, in a permanent manner, in construction works.

This includes both buildings and civil engineering works and covers cable in terms of reaction to fire.

Any manufacturer must, for relevant cable supplied, declare its performance in terms of the reaction to fire properties laid out in EN50575. This can cover :

  • Flame propagation
  • Heat release
  • Flame spread
  • Smoke production
  • Acidity
  • Flaming droplets

The cables must then be tested by a notified body to prove the performance. E.g. BASEC

When the manufacturer has this notified body approval it must then produce, make available and retain for 10 years, a Declaration of Performance (DOP) document.

The performance levels must be shown on the product labels as part of new CE marking requirements. A cable cannot be CE marked without notified body approval and the availability of a DOP.

At a future point the CPR will be extended to cover fire resistant cables. These are not covered by the current Product standard EN50575 and are currently excluded from CPR.

Please be aware that unlike existing British and European standards the CPR is a legal requirement under UK law and can be enforced by the HSE and trading standards.

This means that on or after 1st July 2017 cables first placed on the market must comply with the CPR.

Products already in the supply chain at this date are not affected and can still be sold and installed.

Mandatory points of the CE Marking The CE Marking symbol in accordance with Regulation (EC) no.765/2008 followed by 

  • identification number of the notified body
  • name and registered address of manufacturer or identifying mark
  • last two digits of year in which marking first affixed
  • reference number of DoP
  • dated reference to European standard applied (EN 50575:2014)
  • unique identification code of product-type
  • intended use as laid down in European standard applied (EN 50575:2014)
  • The class of the performance declared


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