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Technology Leader in Optical Fibre

The world is demanding faster connections. Draka’s optical fibre and cable technology is designed to deliver information to people and things at optimum speed. We’re bringing opportunities to industries and connecting communities.

With centres of excellence in Italy, the Netherlands and France, and five production sites around the world, Draka is a leading manufacturer of the core component of the world’s optical cables: Optical Fibre.


Douvrin, France

Douvrin, France - Largest Optical Fibre Factory in Europe

Single Mode:

Prysmian Group’s Optical Fibre Division has a 30-year history of world-leading service to the telecoms industry. We provide innovative products for the full range of applications, spanning long-haul, metropolitan, access, FTTx, and premises applications. When it comes to premium and cutting-edge cables, our modeling and design expertise, together with our technology and production processes, is reflected in a complete portfolio of four mainstream single-mode optical fibre types:

  • Broadly spread G.652 series
  • Submarine and ultra long-haul G.654 series
  • Innovative long distance G.655/G.656 non-zero dispersion shifted fibres (NZDSF) series 
  • For all our fibre types, Prysmian Group delivers a superior level of dedicated customer service, support and delivery options.
  •  The G.657 series – bend-insensitive optical fibres, critical for FTTx rollouts.


Prysmian Group’s multimode optical fibres for the Datacom, enterprises and premises cable industries are based on our Plasma-Activated Chemical Vapour Deposition Process (PCVD), acknowledged worldwide as offering the best core-profile accuracy in multimode fibres.

The result is a complete portfolio covering the full range of application standards, from OM1 and OM2 optical fibres, right up to high-data-rate OM3 and OM4. For all our fibre types, Prysmian Group delivers a superior level of dedicated customer service, support and delivery options.

All multimode optical fibres produced by Prysmian Group are coated with DLPC9 coating to significantly reduce microbending. Our products cover Local Access Networks (LANs), data centres and server farms, central offices, and Storage Area Networks (SANs).



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Draka UC

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The Draka brand means manufacturing and innovation in cable and it’s a brand our customers trust. Ongoing research has produced a world class structured cabling solution containing Prysmian Group’s leading technologies that encompass the Draka Universal Cabling System. All of Draka’s products have independent third party certification – a brand you can trust.

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